Did you get the green light to exercise and don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have an abdominal wall separation (diastasis recti) and afraid to exercise on your own.

AMC’s Post-Baby Body Express training package is designed for women who are tight on time and want to back to exercise safely and effectively. Over the course of three training sessions and a series of customized at-home workouts, you’ll learn the (level appropriate) corrective exercises to address your post baby body, specifically, whether it be an abdominal wall separation (diastasis recti), a cesarean section, other physical issues that occurred during pregnancy and delivery, or simply the desire to achieve and maintain a healthy/stronger level of fitness.

In just three, one-hour training sessions you’ll feel stronger and more confident about what your body can do and ready to take on life – while being fit – post-baby!

Post-Baby Body Express Training Package | Active Moms Club

Who is Post-Baby Express for?

  • Brand new moms or moms who are ready to get back into an exercise routine and want speedy results but don’t know where or how to start
  • New moms not able to commit to From The Core: Postnatal Recovery 4-week program, but still want to ensure they are safely returning to exercise post baby
  • Moms with an abdominal wall separation who need guidance on healing and best exercises to do with separation

What are the benefits? What we do:

An individualized training program designed to get you back on the road to being fit post-baby in a shorter timeframe. Benefits include: one-on-one personal training sessions with Coach Cassandra, customized at-home workouts built around your specific needs, and specific corrective exercises, all built around your schedule.

Why are corrective exercises so important? Postnatal corrective exercises address elongated abdominal muscles, an abdominal wall separation (if applicable), cesarean births, weakened pelvic floor muscles, lower back pain, and posture issues that result from being a new parent.

*AMC’s Post-Baby Body Express Training package is not intended to replace physical therapy. Coach Cassandra will recommend a women’s health specialist if a client should need medical assistance.

When and how often is Post-Baby Body Express training?

AMC’s Post-Baby Body Express training consists of three, one-hour personal training sessions with Coach Cassandra. Ideally training sessions are conveniently scheduled once every 7-10 days. In between sessions, client will be given workout sheets to practice prescribed exercises at home.


Includes three, one-hour, live-streaming training sessions
plus three personalized workouts.

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To get started:

  1. Email (cassandra@activemomsclub.com) or call Coach Cassandra (773-505-3945) if you have any questions, or a specific time request for scheduling training.
  2. Obtain a waiver from your healthcare provider stating you are cleared to exercise if you are LESS THAN 6 MONTHS postpartum.
  3. Click on BUY NOW link above and register for the Express Postnatal Recovery Package
  4. Coach Cassandra will reach out to you within 24 hours after your registration to schedule your training sessions.

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