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Mom of the Month—How She Lost 11 Pounds

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Helping moms feel confident and empowering them to take charge of their health and wellbeing is one of my greatest joys and greatest reason Active Moms’ Club was born 10 years ago. Last August I had the pleasure of meeting Caitlyn, a first time mom and new resident of Chicago.

I started coming to Active Moms’ Club when a good friend of mine—who was also pregnant—mentioned that she found an awesome postnatal fitness program for moms and their baby. I hadn’t heard of AMC, but with a little research, it seemed like a perfect fit to ease back into a fitness routine post-baby. My friend and I both signed up for AMC’s Postnatal Recovery class.

After the birth of my daughter I felt extremely out of shape cardio-wise and was experiencing some hip problems. I was very nervous to start exercising again and didn’t know where to begin. I was excited about the prospect of a specific program with a trainer (Cassandra) familiar with postnatal issues and other new moms. It was a great ‘mom-bonding’ opportunity and I was most excited that we could bring our babies to class. My fears about exercising again were quickly put to rest. I felt like the program was an effective, gradual, weekly build-up to a much stronger, happier me by the end of six weeks!”

At the end of the Postnatal Recovery class, mom’s ‘graduate’ and some choose to continue on with AMC with our Fit & Fab Small Group Training sessions. In this program, the intensity increases, and mom’s continue to build and explore their strength. Caitlyn’s and her friend both decided to join Fit & Fab and Caitlyn enrolled into Fit & Fab’s 60-Days of YOU! Fitness and Nutrition program this past January.

I was hesitant to do the 60 days of you program because it seemed like a bigger commitment than I was ready for. At the same time, I was stuck in this rut of poor diet choices and decided that I needed to do something big or I would never make the changes I needed to get healthier.

The program was indeed a big change and a big commitment but I found it straight forward to follow the nutrition guidelines we were given. I thought I would always be starving, but it was the exact opposite. I was always contently full after each meal. I was also surprised at how much I didn’t really miss daily bread or cheese. Of course there were days when I missed my personal favorite recipes but when I chose to go off plan, I knew that was okay. I would just hop back on at the next meal. The nutrition program is not all or nothing. I feel like if you followed this plan 50% of the time you would probably still see and feel big changes—that’s how much of a difference 60-Days of YOU made! I also enjoyed that there was fitness and nutrition “challenges” within the challenge every week to keep things interesting.”

Caitlyn lost 11 POUNDS during the 60-day program!  

I was surprised by how quickly I saw changes during 60-Days of YOU! From the very beginning my energy level dramatically increased. I’ve always struggled with digestive issues and since starting the program I’ve experienced almost none of these issues. I feel so much stronger and more confident! I’m starting to fit into clothes I haven’t worn in over a year and I can actually make it up my three flights of stairs without getting super winded! Even though I knew my body was changing, I was in denial. The real moment of realization came when I saw my before and after pictures—there is a night and day difference to my shape! You don’t realize how good your body can feel until you start treating it right and then realize what you’ve been missing!” 

Caitlyn lost 1 inch in her hips, almost and inch on her waist, and 1.75 inches around her thighs! Our abdomen and hips in particular, show if an individual is estrogen-dominant. Estrogen dominance leads to weight and/or fat gain, thyroid dysfunction, mood swings, sluggish metabolism, fatigue, trouble sleeping/insomnia and many other symptoms…(sound familiar to you?). As moms, we have raging hormones! We are learning how to rebalance our hormonal environment through nutrition—and AMC’s high-intensity strength training workouts work in sync to increase growth hormones and burn fat.

What I love most about the Fit & Fab workouts is the camaraderie! Personally I feel more challenged in a group setting. The workouts are always hard— in a good way, and change often so you’re never bored! I love using kettlebells! I had no experience with them prior to working out with Cassandra. They are so versatile and I always feel like I got a great workout after a session.

What makes me the most proud about my new found body-shape and strength is that I put in the hard work. I took time for myself, and I can see that it paid off! My body is changing and I’m an active part of that! Initially, I was feeling guilty about taking this time for myself to workout. I knew that it was important though to get strong, healthy, and happy for myself and my family. I know my 9-month old daughter is too young to know the difference, but I feel like I am a better role model to her now by making health important early on.

Even though 60 days of you is over, I will continue to do Fit & Fab sessions with AMC because I love the way they make me feel. I would highly recommend any of AMC’s programs!

Here’s a snap-shot of some other impressive results from 60-Days of YOU! Program:

  • Cumulatively, 21 women lost a total of 86 pounds
  • Every mom increased her overall strength and endurance, averaging 22% gains in their fitness assessments
  • Five women lost over 10 pounds each
  • One mom lost a whopping 14 pounds!
  • Seven out of 21 women were breastfeeding during this program, combined they lost 50 pounds

What are your personal fitness goals? Rather than wish for change, take action! No exercise experience is required to start our Fit & Fab strength training program. Likewise, AMC can take your fitness to a whole new level. Let the power of small group training move you! Join us for a one-time Fit & Fab test-drive for just $25. Experience a session for yourself and you too will be on your way to feeling more confident about what your post-baby body can do.

SUMMERTIME 60-Days of YOU! Program

Do your food choices and workout routine feel like a guessing game?
Do you vision a slimmer, healthier, fitter version of yourself this summer?
Are you ready for a life changing experience? —Yes.

Our Summertime edition of 60-Days of YOU! begins April 21 and runs through June 19 – eight weeks of fitness and nutrition guidance that will take the guesswork out of slimming down, getting fit and establishing a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Make the commitment to honor yourself. We promise this program will deliver a life changing experience for you. Establishing new food and exercise habits are an incredible gateway to accessing a sense of freedom in your life.

Registration opens on Friday, April 6th at 9am and is limited to the first 20 women.  We also have a virtual program for moms who live outside of Chicago! To learn more…

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