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One Proven Way to Reach Your Fitness Goals

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Last night we celebrated the end of Fit & Fab’s 60-Day Summer Fitness Challenge. Three times a year we offer these Challenges as a means to kick-start our mama’s’ fitness goals.

Celebration at KH Photography – our sponsor for the Challenge.

Celebration at KH Photography – our sponsor for the Challenge.

Each mom participating in the Challenge had a personal fitness goal they set out to achieve– from weight loss, to being able to complete “X” amount of push-ups, to maintaining a weekly workout routine.

I really felt accountable to my goals because you asked us to write out our specific goals on paper at the beginning of the Challenge, and that made me be really thoughtful about my action plan.”


“I liked having you check in with me in-person when I attended a workout session. You held me accountable, and I needed that. It helped me stay on track.”

Small group training has proven to be an effective environment for our moms to physically thrive. The group setting motivates them to work hard. The camaraderie makes exercise fun. And there is an extra element of accountability to show up for training when you favorite workout buddy will be there.


“It was an amazing source of motivation. I love the community, and the workouts were challenging and effective.”

Here are some impressive stats from this Challenge:

  • 17 moms completed the 60-Day Summertime Fitness Challenge.
  • Nine moms collectively lost 30 pounds.
  • All 17 women increased their overall body strength, most specifically upper body and core muscles had the greatest strength gains.
  • One mom held a bent arm hang for 75 seconds.
  • Another mom completed 22 push-ups in 30 seconds.
  • 15 of the 17 moms will carry on their training with AMC to continue to build their strength and increase their fitness level while reaping all the benefits of small group workouts.


What are your personal fitness goals? No exercise experience is required to start a strength training program, like Fit & Fab. Let the power of small group training move you! Join us for a one-time Fit & Fab test-drive for just $25. Experience a session for yourself and you too will be hooked.

Stayed tuned — Fit & Fab’s next 60-Day Fitness Challenge will begin September 2016! Details will be announced in a few weeks.

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