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Top 4 fitness and postpartum Resources or new moms

For more than a decade, new moms have relied on Active Moms’ Club as a trusted resource for their postnatal recovery and beyond. 

Through our popular classes and blog, Coach Cassandra has helped guide hundreds of moms to get stronger and safely return to exercise after birth, while navigating and ups and downs. As a result moms boost their self-confidence, gain an awareness of their body and receive endless motivation and education.

AMC’s Top 4 Blog Posts For New Moms 

Dig into the first article with an informative Q+A with our favorite Women’s Health Specialist … we understand it’s a team effort to support moms!

Mom's New Postpartum Body-FAQs every mom needs to know

New Mom’s Postpartum Care & Fitness — FAQs That Every New Mom Needs To Know

👉🏻 Psst… you may be surprised to hear the physical therapist’s answers about c-section scars, high-intensity exercise and GI discomfort!


“Why does my belly pooch like this?”
“How do I get my abs back?”
“My mid-section looks different even after losing all my baby weight.”

Diastasis Recti-demystified-for-mom

Diastasis Recti: Demystified

It’s common for mom’s abdominal wall to separate during pregnancy and may produce undesirable side effects. 

👉🏻  The great news— it’s a condition that can be rectified with some basic knowledge, awareness, and simple exercises.


This is our all-time most viewed blog post on our website!

New momma wrist pain stretches to relieve pain infographic

New Momma Wrist Pain

👉🏻  Learn how to help decrease stress on the wrist and hand.
👉🏻  Discover new stretches and activities to help relieve your wrist pain…

P.S. Be sure to grab your FREE copy of our exercise and stretch infographic!


This blog post was inspired by an email from a new mom client who was feeling fraught about her postpartum body. The helpful information inside continues to rank the most views in 2021. 

Help-belly-fat-love-handles-what are the best exercises

HELP! Belly Fat And Love Handles — What Are The Best Exercises?

👉🏻 I’ve got three strategies to help you out! 


🎉  🎉  🎉

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