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Top 5 Health Benefits of Push-Ups

By September 30, 2014 No Comments

Not many of my clients don’t enjoy doing push-ups, I hear a lot of grumbles when I prescribe them during a prenatal or postnatal workout. Sure moms roll their eyes, but they do them because I ask. Now I’m asking you to do them on your own with AMC’s inaugural Push-Up Challenge. Beginning October 1st, I challenge you to complete 10 push-ups everyday for the month of October. Make it a family affair for additional accountability and fun; ask your spouse and kids to participate in the challenge with you!


Active Moms Club Push-up

  1. Push-ups build muscles! You need muscles for parenthood. It’s easy to lift an eight pound infant, but that infant is going to grow fast and soon you’ll be lifting – if you aren’t already – a 25-50 pound toddler. And if you’re pregnant the demand on your core muscles is just as great, and as important, to keep strong to power through labor.
  2. It’s an exercise that multi-tasks and takes minimum time. Parents are all about multi-tasking. Push-ups work out a number of different muscles simultaneously (triceps, biceps, deltoids, lower back, abs, chest, and quadricep muscles) and produce functional strength. Do as many push-ups as you can today – with good form, of course – and see which muscles hurt tomorrow. I promise it will be more than one.
  3. Modified push-ups are as effective as a full push-up from your toes. Everyone has to start somewhere. Begin with modified push-ups from your knees and practice until you can complete 15-20 with good form. Once you conquered 20 modified push-ups, progress to a full push-up from toes. Build up to 10 full push-ups. Be consistent and you’ll be rockin’ them out in no time, and now you’ve got some bragging rights mama!
  4. Push-ups build strong abs. It’s a effective exercise to build core strength and upper body strength. Did you know the act of a push-up demands as much strength from your abs and hip muscles as upper body muscles? Start pumping for stronger abs, crunches are so 1980.
  5. Lose weight. Exercise is an essential component to lose weight. Push-ups are a form of exercise. The added bonus of push-ups is that they build muscles, which increases your metabolism, making you burn more fat.

Join AMC’s Push-Up Challenge! Complete 10 push-ups, every day, anywhere. If you miss a day, make-up up the 10 push-ups the next day. It will take LESS THAN ONE MINUTE a day to do the Challenge, there are really no excuses! The goal is to complete 310 push-ups in October. Push it out and reap the rewards – get stronger and more fit!

Share images of you and your family members in action and post daily pictures on AMC’s Facebook wall, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. Use the hashtag #AMCpushupChallenge.