Here’s what really happened when I turned 50 last year…

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I woke up on Saturday morning feeling slightly refreshed, like I had quality sleep but not feeling super peppy to charge through the day… 

(let’s be honest, those super peppy days usually don’t happen during winter months…)

I sauntered into the bathroom, leaned over the sink and gazed into the mirror… 

My right cheek… freshly indented with pillowcase markings. As I gently moved my fingers across my forehead, I notice my dry, winter skin.

Carefully I scanned the rest of my face—like I do every morning, noting of how my skin now dimples around my smile lines.

I took a deep breath and wished myself Happy Birthday.

Another trip around the sun, another year older and definitely a year wiser.

My 51st birthday over the weekend was a non-event. 

(I’m not sure how I let that happen since last year was an epic birthday celebration, in Cabo with two of my favorite people… note to self for 2024.)

The sixth decade of life is no joke

I experienced a lot of body frustration in 2022.

One of my dearest friends said it best, “I turned 50 and things went downward and sideways”.


(And it doesn’t have to be 50… it could be at the age of 39, 43, 48, 52…)

For me, that translated into…

Gaining a few extra pounds and a body composition shift with noticeable fat deposits around my hips, thighs and triceps. 

I’ve chalked this up to a hormone imbalance and now can say there was not enough intention and consistency with my daily nutrition choices. 

I’m learning more strategic nutrition choices are necessary with each passing year.

Recovery from an injury takes a lot LONGER and requires greater efforts and support to heal. 

I experienced tennis elbow in late 2021 and it required a 9 month break from lifting weights. Yes, I continued to live-stream all of Active Moms’ Club classes, for me it was functional, weight-bearing exercise.

In hindsight, the 9 months step back was much-needed after the pandemic transitioned AMC from in-person training to live-streaming training. Today, I’m functioning at 99%… with the exception of a slight abdominal muscle strain I discovered during Saturday’s AMC workout?! 😳 #thestruggleisreal 

All my workouts need a longer warm-up and cool-down, and daily stretching is absolutely required for prehab to stay out of rehab.

I cannot stress enough the importance of regular mobility work to maintain a supple, flexible body.

Mobility lowers the risk of injuries, improves performance in any sport, enables muscles to work efficiently, and reduces aches and pain…

In fact, I now offer a weekly, live-streaming mobility session for AMC. 

Here’s what I know, even coaches need coaches.

You know me as Coach Cassandra, fitness and nutrition guru… five months ago I hired my own coach for support to get a different perspective on how to more effectively change up my nutrition and exercise routine. 

My coach has been a game changer.

The greatest gift…

I bring my evolving fitness and nutrition knowledge and experience to my clients. 

I share these things with you not to instill fear of aging (50+ really is a beautiful stage of life), but to share the importance of consistent self-care at any age

…and sometimes you need a little support to get to where you want to go.

xoxo, Coach C~

P.S. Drop me an email ( and share how you want to look and feel in 2023. When you put your wish into the universe, it’s the first step to make it a reality.