This is 50.

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Something epic happened this month. I turned 50! 🥳

I know what you may be saying to yourself, “Wow, that’s old!”

Agreed, five decades is no joke. I won’t candy-coat it. My body is a little more sensitive to my activity and nutrition choices, my skin has a few more wrinkles and now I wear readers! 🤓 #itsreal

But here’s the thing…I’m stronger, fitter, smarter NOW than I was two decades ago!

I can still rock a pull-up (I had to prove it to myself in Mexico ON my birth day… January 7th if you’re wondering. And yep, it was a pretty fabulous friend celebration!).

I can “piggy-back” my 80 pound boys up three flights of stairs. (Yes, of course, one at a time… and I may need to pause for a moment on the second landing, 🤪 but I can do it with relative ease!)

I am more grounded in my personal journey, (a true work in progress!).

I practice gratitude regularly and have more appreciation for life, family and friends.

I could give two 💩💩 of what others think, or feel I need to live up to any standard but my own. I do me for me. (That was NOT the case in my 30’s… I was starting to get there mid 40’s… and totally solidified now at 50).

I share these wins not to toot my own horn, but rather to share what’s possible… at any age.

Yep, I’m proud of all my accomplishments and my life’s journey to be a better person, both on the inside and outside.

It comes with consistent, hard-earned work and be sure, my journey —probably like yours— has been filled with high highs and low lows along the way. #consistencyiskey

Here’s the thing though, I often hear clients make comments about their age, “I’m older now. I’ll never be the shape I was BEFORE KIDS.

Or, “I have accepted this is how my body will look, function and feel after giving birth to kids.”

That may be the case — IF you use that story you’re telling yourself as an excuse. #keepingitreal

Or, your story can be the ember that sparks a glorious fire so that you can be THE BEST VERSION of YOURSELF — at any age. #youdecide

Here’s what I know, my boys were conceived in the second round of IVF, 30 days before my 39th birthday. On my 40th birthday I was in survival mode, knee deep in diapers.  

I get it.

Here’s also what I know… since then, I figured out a framework on how to get fit, strong, and be empowered while in the throes of parenting. #itspossible

And my clients are reaping the benefits of that framework too!

Hugs, ~Cassandra

P.S. How do you want to look and feel on your milestone birthday, or on your next birthday? I’d love to hear, drop me an email,