Active Moms are all ‘abuzz:

“I just want to thank you for your Postnatal Recovery class. You are an amazing trainer and really understand the postpartum body. I was afraid to work out after giving birth because I read a lot of online articles on how the wrong exercises can make things worst. I read that doing crunches isn’t ideal and I’m so glad that you taught us plenty of exercises that strenghtens the core without doing crunches/sit-ups. I know I always had a problem with my form when I work out and you picked that up right away and corrected me. Thank you for giving me confidence to continue to work out and the knowledge to do exercises at home without the fancy equipments!”

“I loved the Postnatal Recovery class. I already have a high-expectations-bar for you as a trainer, and this class exceeded it. It was the perfect welcome back to working out, and my core feels so much stronger as a result (despite being just 8 weeks postpartum). And I’ve been motivated to do all those exercises that I always know I should be doing, but don’t.”

“I appreciate that Cassandra learns and tracks each of her Fit & Fab (Small Group Training) clients’ individual strengths, weaknesses, and levels of conditioning, and then uses that knowledge to customize each workout in the small group setting so that everyone is challenged, yet no one feels intimidated or held back. ”

“I can’t tell you enough how much it meant to be a part of this group over the last few months. I ALWAYS felt better after coming to class – which is actually not something I could say with other workout regimens I had subjected myself to – even pre-pregnancy. Meeting up with you every week and watching the progress I made always made me recognize that I was stronger than I thought I was, which, especially when you’re having a rough emotional day (pregnant or not), can take you really far.  It was also so nice to be a part of a group of kind, funny, smart, and strong ladies going through a similar life change – being able to swap stories, commiserate and share advice really helps you get through some weird parts of this whole pregnancy process. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for keeping my physical and emotional strength flowing over the last few months.”

“I’m really impressed with my results from the Postnatal Recovery Class. My core is much stronger and I’m able to get back to my regular exercise routines faster than I have before (I completed Cassandra’s class after my third baby and wish I had done it after each of my first two!). This is absolutely worth the commitment if you’re looking to build your core after baby.”

“I completed the Post-Baby Body Express Training Package with Cassandra.  It was amazing!  I am a pretty fit person, but giving birth took a lot out of me.  After I got clearance to work out, I went for a short run and felt terrible in my abs/back.  I immediately signed up for the Post-Baby Body Express so that I could get my body back in shape the right way.  Cassandra quickly helped me to build strength in my core, back, and glutes and in just a few weeks I’m back to running as if I never had a baby (well almost!).  Highly recommend the program for anyone who wants one-on-one attention and quick results.”

“I loved AMC’s Postnatal (Recovery) 6-week class! The class builds over the 6 weeks and I loved the exercises I learned. I worked out a lot pre-baby and had high expectations for the class and they were certainly met! It was an awesome way to practice getting out of the house with the baby. And it’s wonderful that everyone brings their baby… and you can easily rock, feed, take care of you baby as needed during the class. Most of the time they just sleep so you’re able to work out which is perfect! Cassandra is super knowledgeable about post-natal exercises and I really looked forward to each of the classes!”

“I was part of Active Moms’ Club for over a year through the prenatal and postnatal stages of my pregnancy. I took the prenatal classes for 8 months of my pregnancy, the From the Core: Postnatal Recovery series after my baby was born and then participated in Fit & Fab’s 60-day fitness challenge. These classes were exactly what I needed for each stage I was in. Cassandra really pays attention to your fitness level and adjusts the workout to fit you. She then continues to build on your physical ability until one day you discover wall sits aren’t that bad and you actually like doing them! Okay, that may never happen, but the workouts became fun for me because I could see my progress and that kept me motivated. I was able to feel my new found strength in my daily activities, which made life with an infant much easier. In addition to a great personalized workout, Active Moms’ Club is a great place to meet other moms going through that same thing as you and it gives you time to talk baby shop! If you’re looking for a great work out and if you are looking to be a part of a community of local moms, AMC is for you. Thanks Cassandra!”

“I’m very proud of myself.  I have always kept active with some sort of activity, but I have not been this strong since I was in high school. When I started (Fit & Fab Small Group Training) a year ago, I just wanted to work on getting back to where I was before I got pregnant (both weight and fitness level). I assumed that I wasn’t really going to beat that, especially after having a baby. I worked out regularly, but never actually lost any weight. I was mostly focused on just keeping myself fit and assumed that was where I was. But now, I weigh less than I have in I don’t know how long and I’m absolutely stronger than I was before having the baby! I think what really helped for me was setting goals for certain things (like, I’m going to do x number of pushups by the end of the Fitness Challenge). So, I’m very, very proud of myself.”

“It’s so gratifying to see tangible evidence of my progress over the past two months! The first month of the 60-Day Challenge was a great way for me to start getting back in shape before returning from maternity leave, and the second month (after I returned to work) really helped me stay motivated to make fitness and healthy eating a priority during a physically and emotionally challenging time in my life. I also very much enjoy my Saturday morning workouts with you — it’s by far the most fun I’ve ever had working out, and it’s such an energizing and empowering way to kick off my weekend. Although I was pretty active with cardio workouts before my son was born, I’ve never incorporated intensive strength training into my routine before, and I can tell it’s making a big difference even despite my inability to work out as frequently as I did before I became a working mom. Having already dropped a pants size below my pre-pregnancy size, I’m so excited to watch my body continue to change as I continue my fitness journey with you and the other AMC moms!”

Fit & Fab (Small Group Training) has really been a game changer for me. I pitched this to my husband last night and he didn’t need much convincing – he’s seen how satisfying the sessions have been for me and what a difference they’ve made. I really can’t thank you enough for helping me feel the strongest I’ve ever felt. I’m looking forward to continuing!

“I started with AMC over two years ago when I went to the (From the Core) Postnatal Recovery Class after having my first baby. As a really not sporty person I just thought that class sounded like a good idea just to recover from all the pregnancy-related weakness like pelvic floor muscles and it’s only a 6-week class. HA! After this six weeks I felt over all so much stronger than I ever did before that I have continued with the Fit & Fab (Small Group Training). Since then I went through the whole “circle” – I switched during my second pregnancy to the Prenatal Class and after the baby was born I did again the Postnatal Recovery Class. So I really know what I am talking about. I never thought the day would come, I LOVE working out! The small groups and the motivation of Coach Cassandra during the trainings are great. Highly recommended!”

“I first sought training (From the Core: Postnatal Recovery class) with AMC 6 weeks after the birth of our oldest daughter. I was motivated to start exercising and thought it would be a good way to meet up with other new moms as well as get back into shape. What I didn’t realize was that it provided much more than a good work-out. I underestimated how reconditioned my body was post-baby and the post-natal training provided the perfect foundation from which I could re-train muscle groups as well as burn calories. Not only did I feel great from exercise but I loved meeting new people, sharing a new experience with my baby, and having a reason to venture out of the house with a newborn!

I have continued on with AMC for 2+ years. The flexible training times and available child care make it easy to schedule into my weekly routine. I look forward to the “fitness challenges” that are offered throughout the year which make me re-focus my personal health goals and is a great forum to compete against myself and others. Cassandra and the entire AMC crew have been instrumental in helping me regain my self-care post-baby. I highly recommend Active Mom’s Club for any mother out there who is looking for challenging work-outs and a wonderful group of women with whom to connect.”


“All of AMC’s classes are great! I have been working out with Cassandra for over 3 years, doing both prenatal and postnatal classes. The prenatal classes were exactly what I needed to continue my fitness while being pregnant. The classes are challenging and something I looked forward to each week.
I have also taken the From Your Core: Postnatal Recovery and (Fit & Fab) Postnatal Small Group Training. Both of these classes have helped me get back into shape and start to feel confident again. I especially love these fitness classes for the bonding experience you get with the other moms. I always recommend AMC to new moms!”


“About halfway through my pregnancy, I started looking for prenatal personal trainers. I was very particular in my search as I was quite active before and during early pregnancy (i.e. I ran a 15k at 3 months pregnant and reached a personal best time!). What I like best about AMC’s prenatal class is that Cassandra gives personal attention to each client and provides alternate exercises to make it more challenging for individuals. I was surprised that after a lower-impact (read: doable even at 9 months pregnant!) class, I was just as sore and tired!
Fast-forward to post-baby: I just completed the From the Core (Postnatal Recovery) class. I had tried returning to running 8 weeks after delivery and ended up the in ER! It was too much too fast. The From the Core class was a perfect way for me to regain strength and remain challenged until I could safely return to running. Thank you Cassandra and AMC for the great workouts and fun environment!”


“I’m happy to endorse Coach Cassandra and Active Mom’s Club. The prenatal classes kept me fit and feeling strong while I was pregnant. The six week Postnatal Recovery class was just what I needed to regain my strength after having my baby. Working at a nice and safe pace, Cassandra taught us many different exercises that helped us rebuild our core strength, pelvic floor strength and overall body strength. I am so much stronger now than I was 6 weeks ago and it was fun to get together twice a week with other new moms and their babies.”


“My expectations going into AMC’s (From the Core: Postnatal Recovery class) were pretty low on the fitness front – I was mostly interested in it as a way to meet other new moms. That said, my attitude changed completely even after the first workout. Okay, so maybe those early workouts didn’t leave me drenched in sweat, but they changed my mindset to think about the class like physical therapy for my wrecked core and in that context, it was a slam dunk. Plus, by the end of the program, not only was I definitely sweating hard each workout, my core strength and, in turn, my confidence in returning to other workouts, had dramatically increased.”


“Following my pregnancy my whole body was feeling like a bowl of jello. I knew I needed to work out but I had no core strength and a trip to the gym seemed like a joke. That’s when I found out about Active Moms’ Club – Cassandra offers individual postnatal training sessions (Post-Baby Body Express Training) to help women get their core strength — and body confidence back. I met with Cassandra for hour long sessions every two weeks. In the meetings she gave me individualized workout plans that I could do at home. She checked my progress, provided encouragement, and also modified some of the exercises for my unique needs. We started slow but I began to feel better almost right away. As my core strength returned, Cassandra taught me how to up the intensity of my workouts so that I began to see cardio and strength results too. I can’t thank Active Moms’ Club enough for being there when I needed it. I feel like a whole new person. Any new moms can benefit from this program. Do not wait! You will love yourself for doing this.”


“I just finished the From the Core Postnatal Recovery class with Coach Cassandra with Active Moms’ Club. I was nervous to start working out post-baby because my body felt different. Working out with a group of other new moms was wonderful. There was no thinking “I just had a baby maybe I’ll sit this one out” because everyone was in the same boat.  This 6-week 12-session class has made me so much stronger and has given me the confidence that I can now jump back into a normal workout routine. Also, you bring your baby to class and Coach Cassandra encourages all of us new moms to go to lunch and be social. So, not only am I stronger but I have some new friends too! I highly recommend Active Mom’s Club to any new mom.”


“Whenever I talk to an expectant mom-to-be or a new mom, I always refer her to Active Moms’ Club! I cannot emphasize just how much I enjoyed training with Coach Cassandra. I attended the prenatal fitness classes when I was around 19 weeks pregnant and took my last class two days before I gave birth. Yes, I was doing squats, lunges, planks and wall sits at 39 weeks pregnant! I truly believe that being active and taking this class helped me recover faster from my caesarean delivery!
I really have to credit Coach Cassandra for making the classes fun and challenging.
I also just finished the From the Core Postnatal class, and I really do feel much stronger (especially my core). Coach Cassandra does a wonderful job demonstrating each exercise and explaining why we’re doing a particular exercise and how it will help strengthen our core. We had 12 moms and babies attend the classes, and it was a very welcoming atmosphere. I never felt awkward or stressed out about my baby being fussy or having to stop during class to nurse. Going to the classes twice a week forced me to leave the house with my baby during the winter, and as a first-time-mom, I really needed this. The added bonus was meeting other Chicago moms and their babies.
I’ve already booked my Fit & Fab Postnatal Training sessions and look forward to more workouts with Coach Cassandra and AMC!”


“I stayed very active during my pregnancy so I thought getting back in shape after I had my daughter would be a breeze.  But a few weeks after she was born I found myself with terrible back pain due abdominal (wall) separation that occurred during my pregnancy and it made exercising and even lifting my daughter very painful.
After my first week of Cassandra’s (From the Core: Postnatal Recovery) class I could tell the stretches and exercises were making a difference.  And by midway through the class, the pain was completely gone!  By the end of the 6-week session I feel stronger and more toned.  I would recommend this class to any new mom.  It exceeded my expectations!”


I attended AMC’s From the Core: Postnatal Recovery class 6 months after my second child was born. I enjoyed the class immensely. Cassandra paid a lot of attention to each individual participants’ progress, with detailed and specific evaluations throughout the course. The progressions were well thought out and achievable. We started off slowly, making sure that the right muscles were being engaged and activated, and progressed quickly to a thorough, strenuous workout. Cassandra made sure we understood what to focus on in each exercise. I found it easy to perform the exercises at home on my own, and not just in class. Even though I had been exercising regularly and frequently since I was 2 months post-partum, I felt stronger after the first 2 weeks of From the Core than I had after 4 months of exercise. When I finished the course and returned to my regular gym class, I was now one of the strongest members in the class. I feel like I have my old pre-(first) baby body back!


I never thought I’d feel stronger and slimmer 10 months after giving birth than I did before pregnancy. I have AMC’s prenatal and postnatal programs to thank for that! I’m committed now to continue building strength and taking care of my body. Coach Cassandra helped me find the time, keep me on track and motivated.


I’m so happy that I found Active Moms’ Club after the birth of my second child. I first attended the From the Core Postnatal class, which was a wonderful way to ease back into exercising post-baby. Each week the class progresses, and Cassandra provides feedback and individual modifications as needed. I then participated in the Fit & Fab Small Group training sessions, and just completed my first 60-day fitness challenge. I’m so happy with the results from just the past 60 days – I’m stronger and leaner and can more easily handle the daily physical demands of a 30-pound 3-year old, and a 19-pound 9-month old!  Cassandra provides challenging workouts, a fun environment, and exceptional knowledge of a postnatal mama’s body. While the workouts will certainly help you to lose weight, the focus is on health, strength, and functional exercise – so important for moms!  I highly recommend Active Moms Club for new moms!


Now that I have gone through pregnancy I see how easy it can be to become a couch potato (assuming you’re having a healthy pregnancy with no complications).  AMC’s prenatal training program was really motivational.  I wanted to stay in shape and be healthy, but the social aspect kept me mentally in shape too.  It was nice to be with other pregnant women and feel “normal”.


What I liked most about From the Core: Postnatal Recovery class was bringing my baby. With only 12 weeks maternity leave and the overwhelming feelings of being a new mom, I know that I would not have left him to do a workout. Bringing the little ones and having them participate along side was the best part for me.  And it was really good for me to learn how to take my little one out by myself, and how to schedule our day around the class; I feel like that was a valuable lesson.Initially I was nervous that class wouldn’t be a challenge for me, but I was wrong! I now know that we started slow for a reason, these muscles needed some time to rebuild strength before jumping in head first. The last three weeks were awesome! I felt really appropriately challenged. Its great to feel sore, and not sore from pregnancy/labor and delivery, but sore from exercise.


I signed up for From the Core: Postnatal Recovery class as a way to meet other new moms and to get a little bit of my groove back. I had no idea I would feel this much of a difference in my strength and physical fitness after just 5 weeks! I have never been able to hold a side plank in my life – until now! It has been so nice to share time and exchange stories with the other moms in the group, and as we ramp up for our last week together I’m feeling better about myself, not only as a mom, but as an individual. A huge thank you to Cassandra for all that you’ve done!


I started my weight loss journey a year ago. Since then and thanks to Cassandra’s help, I have lost 22 lbs and I am physically stronger than I have ever been. My BMI is in the “healthy” zone for the first time in my life (I was an overweight kid). I am also 4 dress sizes smaller. Thank you for both the “From the Core” class and the Fit & Fab Group Training.  I know I would not be here without Cassandra’s passion for assisting women get back into shape after they have a baby and understanding what a new mom’s body can handle and needs.


I want to take a moment to say thank you for AMC’s exercise class (From the Core: Postnatal Recovery). It has helped me tremendously. I know at 4 months postpartum I am now light years ahead of where I was when I was 4 months postpartum with my older son. What you do is tremendously helpful. I only wish more women knew about the important of rebuilding their core/TVA postpartum. I’ll definitely be sending more clients your way.


I am so grateful that I found Active Moms’ Club and Cassandra during my second pregnancy. I started having back pain really early – at 16 weeks – and I was motivated to do something about it but didn’t know what to do. A friend recommended I try out AMC’s prenatal program, and it was the best thing I could have done for myself and my daughter. I started working out with AMC  around 18 weeks and went almost every week for the remainder of my pregnancy. The back pain went away and didn’t come back. I had less swelling than in my first pregnancy, I felt better and stronger, and I had more energy. I felt so great, I kept working out with AMC up to the very end… in the gym with AMC at 10 AM the Saturday of my 39th week, and in the hospital with a new baby girl that same day at 8 PM!My recovery has also been awesome, thanks to AMC’s Postnatal Training “Fit & Fab” program. I have about 2 pounds left to loose and people are shocked when they see me and then find out that I’m a mother of two. Overall, an awesome program with a great trainer and other moms who are a terrific support group through both the pregnancy and the recovery. I highly recommended to any soon-to-be, or current mom who wants to feel great and stay in shape.


Active Moms’ Club is a fantastic prenatal fitness program as a first-time mom.  I joined when I was 7 weeks pregnant and have continued through week 38, and credit the training sessions to being able to stay in shape throughout my pregnancy.Cassandra is  great personal trainer leading challenging workouts while understanding a pregnant woman’s changing body. The small group sessions are wonderful, and I’ve received a lot of great advice from the other mom’s in the sessions. I would highly recommend AMC for any new moms, and plan to return for postnatal training.


I am now 38 weeks and have been working out with Cassandra in the Small Group Prenatal Training since 13 weeks. The workouts are great and have kept me sane, in shape, and balanced through the pregnancy so far. I can’t believe I can still keep going despite being 38 weeks. I travel for work so usually can only do one session a week but Cassandra gives homework cards that you can do on your own. I am counting on amc to get me back in shape post baby!


I would definitely recommend Fit & Fab Small Group Postnatal Training to anyone looking for a challenging workout. The work outs were interesting and difficult – but appropriately so – so that you felt really good and sweaty and accomplished after them. The other ladies that I met in class were super supportive and I liked that we had a weekly “date” to work out together. I’d highly recommend this format to anyone who wants to work with a personal trainer while also watching your budget.


I thought From the Core: Postnatal Recovery class was outstanding and the knowledge and passion Cassandra puts into her business is evident. As an avid runner, I considered myself in descent physical condition after delivering my son 12 weeks ago, and was amazed with the exercises and muscle groups Cassandra introduced to us in class. Boy was I wrong!! Cardio endurance is a completely different ballgame from physical strength. The FTC class laid the foundation of how to truly strengthen from the inside out, sustaining the key muscle groups.


I love Fit & Fab Small Group Postnatal Training. I have the opportunity to meet other moms who are like me. They understand the struggles to find balance with being a working mom, wife and finding balance for yourself. It can be such a struggle to take an hour for yourself, but once you show up you leave challenged, invigorated and you know it was all worth it. The format is challenging and every session is different. The women in training and Coach Cassandra push you to do your best no matter what your fitness level. The camaraderie is fantastic. I am so thankful I discovered this gem.
–BSIt’s wonderful to be able to exercise in a group setting without the guilt of leaving your baby in daycare! I’m currently enrolled in From the Core: Postnatal Recovery class with my son. I like that Cassandra offers modifications to the exercises–some moms are 6 weeks postpartum and others are 4-6 months and have already been doing some exercise. Everyone is at a different level and it’s great to be able to modify the workout. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know other new moms in the area. I have received a lot of great advice for other local, baby friendly activities!
–LSI wanted to do a postnatal exercise class with my 6-week old little girl. Active Moms’ Club offers a wonderful class in which mothers not only exercise together but learn about changes in their bodies and how to get back to baseline. All the while, the babies are able to be present at the class. This is such a unique and wonderful way to exercise, spend time with your baby, and get back into shape. I would recommend From the Core: Postnatal Recovery to all new moms!
­­–JFI knew that after giving birth I’d need a place to both get in shape and meet other new moms, but I absolutely hated working out and besides yoga classes, never exercised regularly before pregnancy.  All I can say is that after taking the From the Core: Postnatal Recovery class I am a total convert!  The classes are different every time, so you never get bored and the pace is manageable so you don’t feel discouraged or overwhelmed by new moves.  I’m in better shape now than I was before I had my baby and now I actually look forward to going to the gym to work out with a group of fun, supportive moms and their babies.
–BA When I got pregnant with my second baby, I started feeling a lot more lower back pain, much earlier in the pregnancy than I had with the first. I had heard about Active Moms’ Club from a friend, and although I wasn’t sure if it would help, I figured it couldn’t really hurt, so I signed up for five prenatal sessions. That was in week 20 – I’m now in week 36 and have only missed two Saturday morning sessions!  I always feel so energized by the classes and the support of the other moms, and I think it has made a huge difference in this pregnancy!  My third trimester has been relatively easy compared to my first pregnancy, and I think it has a lot to do with my strength and fitness level. I’m excited to finish out the pregnancy with AMC and roll right into post-natal training – Biceps, Babies & Buggies, here I come!
–DK I had great ambitions when I found out I was pregnant. Among a long list of things to do, continuing my regular weekly workouts was at the top.  But in the end, walking, stair climbing, pilates, yoga – all fell away, except for my prenatal group classes with AMC.  For some reason I was able to stay committed to those classes!Maybe it was the coach’s encouragement, maybe it was the bond that formed with the other mom’s and the opportunity to say “are you dealing with this?”, or maybe it was my fear of becoming “gianormously preggers!”  Regardless of what the motivation was,  at one point during the delivery of my healthy and happy 8.1lb baby boy, my midwife asked me to try a new position or move in some particular way to push more effectively. I did as she asked and she looked up and said “boy, you are strong”.  I thought to myself,  “You are right, I am. strong and I worked for every bit of it!”You never know how your delivery is going to go and so many things about it aren’t up to you. But going in to labor as strong, and as physically ready as you can be is under your control.  Signing up for AMC was one of the best decisions I made when I was pregnant and I would encourage any expecting mom to give herself the same gift.  
– NT  

I’m pregnant with our first baby, and I have tried to work out at least 3-4 times per week since the beginning of my pregnancy. Doing my “normal” routine was easier at the beginning, but, once I had to navigate my expanding belly, I checked into the Active Moms’ Club Small Group Prenatal Training. Cassandra taught me many safe and challenging exercises to keep my core strong, in addition to strength training with traditional weights. I wish I had signed up for Prenatal Training earlier as there were exercises I stopped doing, because I thought they were not safe. As it turns out, the exercises were safe!

I have noticed many differences after working out with AMC. My hips are stronger from the core strengthening exercises we do, and I added many new, safe exercises to my routine. I learned to think about my posture to avoid back issues, and, as a result, I have not had any back pain as my belly grew! I would also say my arm strength and overall fitness has maintained or improved in a safe way that I would not necessarily had the discipline or knowledge to do on my own.


I had five personal training sessions with Coach Cassandra, and have nothing but positive things to say. My husband sought out Cassandra for me after I had a baby. Yucky post-baby bodies are Cassandra’s specialty! She helped me lose a little weight, and really strengthen my core. She is sensitive to all the issues new moms have. She gets results without being too tough or overbearing. Since I had never been to a personal trainer before, I was certainly nervous about starting my sessions, but now I’m so glad I did! I can’t wait to take Active Moms’ Club Postnatal Core class. I am starting that next week.
— XJ


I started the From the Core postnatal recovery class 8 weeks after my son was born. I was really looking forward to getting out of the house and getting back into shape. This class exceeded my expectations! From the informative welcome packet, to the knowledgeable coach, to the community of women and their babies, I don’t know what I would have done without this class. If I was having a rough day or the baby wasn’t sleeping at night, I looked forward to going to class to talk with the other women, discuss tips and tricks on being a new mom, and to simply just “feel normal.” Coach Cassandra had us ease into the workouts… it wasn’t about sweating a ton or losing the weight, it was about getting our bodies back into shape after our pregnancy and learning what changes took place.

I have a history of low back problems and Coach Cassandra was helpful and considerate throughout the classes. She provided constant feedback on our form and offered modifications if the exercises were too challenging. After the core class was complete, I attended the Indoor Strength & Conditioning classes. It allowed me to get out of the house and get a good workout. All of the coaches are helpful, encouraging, and great with the babies. I highly recommend AMC to new moms or mommies-to-be…you will go for the workout but love the opportunity to connect with the coaches, moms and babies!
– ML


I started the Small-Group Prenatal Fitness classes when I was 17 weeks pregnant. I am now 39 weeks and feel fantastic! The weekly group classes were challenging and motivated me to stay active during the week on my own. The exercises in class were different each week, and we were given exercises that we could do at home as well. It was nice to have the support of other pregnant women in class, and we received great tips from Cassandra and other trainers on comfort measures in pregnancy and while working out, information on child safety and nutrition, and alerts about informative workshops in the area. I have been able to keep the normal pregnancy aches and pains at bay–and have kept my weight gain healthy and manageable–which I attribute entirely to staying active through group training and during the week. Although I’m very nervous about labor, I definitely feel prepared physically as a result of the focus on core strengthening during class. I am confident that I will be able to physically “bounce back” quickly after baby arrives thanks to my prenatal training, although I definitely plan to re-join Active Moms’ Club after I deliver. In addition to the benefits I’ve seen, my husband has noticed a huge difference in my energy level and mood since increasing my activity level with prenatal training. Thanks to Cassandra and Active Moms’ Club!


A big thank you for keeping me motivated during my pregnancy. I am at week 36 now, quite ready to deliver, but not wanting to give up my weekly Saturday Prenatal Training group. Cassandra has been a wonderful cheerleader and supporter, challenging me and providing expert guidance as to what is safe and effective exercise during pregnancy. I can tell that I have had a healthier pregnancy and am stronger for it. She takes us through a range of exercises mixing things up from week to week. I left each time with a set of exercises I could keep up with during the week on my own without fancy equipment. And having a core group of moms to “check in” with every week was a resource I didn’t expect to really appreciate. Starting out with the saturday morning group during my 12th week or so I’ve worked out with a number of moms who were at varying stages of pregnancy and learned a great deal from each of them — everything from how to deal with nausea and swelling feet to where to get the car seat installed to be sure it’s done properly. Now I’m finding I’m the farthest along in the group and next up in the delivery room. I can’t wait to be able to start Babies, Biceps and Buggies class with my little one. Cassandra is an expert trainer and a joy to work out with!
— IK


I am so grateful that Coach Cassandra encouraged me to participate in the Active Moms’ Club classes following the birth of my daughter this summer. We attended the From the Core postnatal class for six weeks (twice a week) starting when my daughter was just six weeks old. AMC added a wonderful structure to my maternity leave and really jump started me back into a healthy routine. I enjoyed the experience much more than I could have imagined, and will recommend it to every pregnant woman and new mom I know. Coach Cassandra has great training skills and a fabulous rapport with new moms of all stripes. Not only did I enjoy the outings to class with my daughter, but I rebuilt my core strength and learned a great deal about all the muscles affected by pregnancy as well as the importance of good form for core strengthening exercises. AMC provides a wonderful haven for mothers to work on themselves in an unintimidating, warm atmosphere while spending time with their children outside the home. Thanks again AMC and Coach Cassandra!
— NS


My physical therapist suggested I work on restoring my core strength and referred me to Cassandra, who offers the Core class for post pregnancy moms. I needed a boost and wanted to get motivated to workout, and I jumped at the opportunity. After five weeks of classes, plus homework, I earned soreness, and I started to crave more. I felt stronger, tighter, motivated, and good about myself again. I met some pretty swell new mommies going through the same types of highs and lows I was experiencing. It was reassuring to know that I wasn’t alone. I enjoyed Cassandra’s instruction very much. You may not get your original physique back over night, but AMC classes will restore your self esteem right away so that one day you will be yourself again. THANKS Cassandra.
— JM


I joined the From the Core class when I my baby was 4 months old. I was already working out on my own, and decided to join the class because I could bring my baby. I felt more fit and stronger after the 6 week course. It really made a difference in my core. The exercises we learned are ideal for any fitness level. And we were given ‘homework’ at the end of each week. The assignments were ideal to have written out and I felt accountable to the degree my schedule allowed. I would recommend this class to any new mom.
— SV


From the Core class was a jumpstart to get back into a regular exercise routine after my son was born. I got a great workout and liked that we got right down to business when class started. Class provided me an outlet to ask questions to other moms and run parenting ideas by the group. I liked the homework sheets because I knew exactly what I should be doing and felt a sense of accountability. By the end of the 5 week course I was definitely stronger and felt more confident.
— LW