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How One Mom Became Stronger Than Ever

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Seven years ago Aya lost forty pounds and it was a really big deal for her. After her daughter was born (July 2015), she lost most of the baby weight but her body was ‘different’. She was very concerned that she would never feel like her pre-baby self again.

That was Aya’s concern before she learned of Active Moms’ Club and committed to Fit & Fab’s 60-Day Fitness Challenge in January. Two months later, Aya has a different body. She is physically and mentally stronger. “I feel better than I did before my pregnancy. It’s been really gratifying that I’m stronger than ever before.”

Weight Training AMC

Aya was running two days a week for 30-minutes; but running wasn’t making the desired changes to her body. She came to AMC because she wanted something different. The two things that resonated with her about AMC, “I like that it is a tailored program for postnatal moms, and I really like the camaraderie aspect. Everyone is in a similar stage.”

Fit & Fab training incorporates strength training, and functional exercise. Aya is learning the basics on how to squat, hinge, lunge, push, and pull with solid movement patterns and progressing appropriately.  Aya and her challenge mates participated in an exercise and flexibility fitness assessment for the Challenge. The same measurements were done again 60-days later to document strength gains. Aya’s strength increased almost two fold, and her flexibility is improving. But the most impressive gains come from her posture and self-esteem; she walks tall into the gym looking empowered and always has a smile.

Fit & Fab has been a game changer for me. I have a lot more energy and I am more alert throughout the day. Incorporating a Fit & Fab training session into my weekly schedule has really helped me better manage my time overall. I now realize post-baby exercise is more important now than ever because I need the energy as a working mom. I’m motivated to stick with training to see what my body can do.”

No exercise experience is required to start a strength training program, like Fit & Fab. Lifting weights is an important addition to changing your fitness. When done with the proper progression, weights can transform your body like no other cardio or light-weight workout.

Do you need a different type of workout to finally see and feel the changes in your post-baby body? Join us for a one-time Fit & Fab test-drive for just $25. Experience a session for yourself and you too will be hooked.

Just in time for summer — Fit & Fab’s next 60-Day Fitness Challenge will begin April 22, 2017! 

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