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MOM OF THE MONTH: A Mom’s Commitment To Be Active & Healthy

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In July of 2014 I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa, a first-time, pregnant client who enrolled in Active Moms Club’s Small Group Prenatal Fitness program. Lisa was committed to training regularly during her pregnancy. And in 2017 she welcomed another member to her family. Her commitment to her health and wellbeing hasn’t wavered after her second child was born — in fact since becoming a mom, it’s only getting stronger with the help of AMC!


Lisa’s oldest daughter turns three this month, and her youngest is eight months old. AMC’s programming help propel Lisa’s commitment to fitness—starting with prenatal training, ‘graduating’ to our postnatal recovery class after each child, then on to Fit & Fab Small Group Postnatal training to continue to build her strength and return to pre-pregnancy shape. She repeated this cycle with both children! “After getting married six and a half years ago, I would sometimes go through spurts of working out, but I found it hard to commit to working out for more than a month at a time before kids.”


I first started training with AMC when I was pregnant with my oldest child. I was a first time mom-to-be, and due to some complications early in my pregnancy, I was concerned about working out on my own. AMC had positive reviews on Yelp, so I decided to sign up for a class”.

I enjoyed learning how prenatal exercise could be challenging and that my body was capable of much more than I originally expected. I appreciated Coach Cassandra’s knowledge and expertise, which made working out a more comfortable and “safe” experience for me. I also really enjoyed meeting other pregnant moms.”


Lisa benefitted from participating in our Postnatal Recovery Class this summer to help regain her core strength. In September she was ready, eager and willing to be a part of our inaugural 60-Days of YOU! Fitness & Nutrition program.

Lisa shared her candid experience with this brand new program…

I’m not going to lie — it’s been an intense experience that requires a lot of focus and effort. That being said, I’ve enjoyed focusing on my nutrition and exercise habits (i.e., self-care). It’s been a really nice break from focusing on just my kids and husband. Plus, it’s been gratifying to see that my commitment to 60DOY has “paid off”. I’ve seen genuine results, both internally and externally.


I have way more energy and am able to focus better after beginning 60DOY. I feel stronger. I’m very pleased that my clothes fit better; after having my son back in April, I only wore athleisurewear and refused to wear jeans (or rather, my jeans refused to go on my post-baby body). I’m happy to say that I’m back to wearing jeans!

I love being motivated by Coach Cassandra and by the other moms working out in Fit & Fab training. Coach Cassandra has really pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and has me lifting heavier weights.”



I do like using kettlebells after finishing 60 Days of YOU! program. Initially I felt awkward and weak using kettlebells. I feel way more confident using kettlebells thanks to Coach Cassandra’s cues and knowledge. I appreciate that she is always patient and willing to help correct my form and give me helpful cues.”

AMC’s 60-Days of YOU! program is eight weeks of fitness and nutrition guidance that helps take the guesswork out of slimming down, getting fit and establishing a healthy relationship with food and exercise. All 25 of our moms, including Lisa, who participated in our inaugural program reaped the benefits of having TWO personal coaches to help them create a map to new healthy habits and a strategy to make them stick.

Lisa’s son was five months old when she started our nutrition and fitness program and was exclusively breastfeeding. She did see a dip in her milk production when she transitioned to our nutrition program. She added a few more fats, an extra serving of oatmeal everyday, drank one gallon of water daily, and started to take fenugreek to bring her milk supply back up. Yes, moms can safely and effectively lose weight while breastfeeding.

Lisa lost 14.4 POUNDS during the 60-day program!   

Lisa lost 3.5 inches in her hips, and almost and inch on her waist and thighs! Our abdomen and hips in particular, show if an individual is estrogen-dominant. Estrogen dominance leads to weight and/or fat gain, thyroid dysfunction, mood swings, sluggish metabolism, fatigue, trouble sleeping/insomnia and many other symptoms…(sound familiar to you?). As moms, we have raging hormones! We are learning how to rebalance our hormonal environment through nutrition—and AMC’s high-intensity strength training workouts work in sync to increase growth hormones and burn fat.

60-Days of You! CelebrationParty

I’m proud knowing that I am capable of changing certain aspects of my life. After having my son, I felt like my eating habits were spiraling out of control — way too much sugar and I was stress eating and mindlessly snacking. 60DOY gave me the tools and support to help me make meaningful changes in my nutrition habits and workout habits. Specifically, 60DOY gave me a “roadmap” to healthier eating and efficient and effective workouts. Coach Cassandra was incredibly responsive to my questions and concerns.

I appreciate the fact that I never felt judged or discouraged when I “indulged” a little too much during 60DOY. I really enjoyed my experience overall, and I love how AMC has evolved over the last few years! I mentioned to another mom how much more “intense” the Fit & Fab workouts are compared to before I had my son, and we both agreed how we love the intensity!”

Lisa’s four year fitness journey is inspiring and very impressive. She demonstrates that self-care is critical at every stage of motherhood, and with the right amount of motivation there will always be a payoff! Lisa continues to put make her fitness and nutrition a priority. She gives 150% effort during every Fit & Fab training sessions and has since returned to work as an attorney. 

Let go of guilt

My one piece of advice to moms is to let go of the guilt (e.g., feeling guilty of missing time with your kid(s) to work out or feeling guilty about indulging too much or giving into temptation). I found it really helpful to be in AMC’s supportive community, it helped me realize that it was okay if I wasn’t there for the last 15 minutes of my daughter’s bedtime routine or that it was okay if I ate a cheeseburger or a piece of birthday cake. Once I let go of the guilt, I found it easier to commit to my goals, which in turn made me feel better about myself and be more present for my kids and husband.”

Here’s a snap-shot of some other IMPRESSIVE results from 60-Days of YOU! Program:

  • Cumulatively, 25 women lost a total of 130 pounds
  • Every mom increased her overall strength and endurance, averaging 20% gains in their fitness assessments
  • Five women lost over 10 pounds each
  • One mom lost a whopping 21.6 pounds!

What are your personal fitness goals for 2018? Rather than wish for change, take action! No exercise experience is required to start our Small Group Prenatal Fitness program or Fit & Fab’s Strength Training program. Let the power of small group training move you! Join us for a one-time test-drive for just $25. Experience a session for yourself and you too will be on your way to feeling more confident about what your expecting or post-baby body can do.


Do you vision a slimmer, healthier, fitter version of yourself in 2018?
Are you ready for a life changing experience? —Yes.

60-Days of YOU! begins January 13 and runs through March 13 – eight weeks of fitness and nutrition guidance that will take the guesswork out of slimming down, getting fit and establishing a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Make the commitment to honor yourself in 2018. We promise this program will deliver a life changing experience for you. Establishing new food and exercise habits are an incredible gateway to accessing a sense of freedom in your life.

To learn more, visit our website.

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