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See What Happened To This Mom When She Changed Her Mindset

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A client of mine who I will call Jessie (this is not her real name) felt like she was spinning out of control. She had returned to work full-time as a school teacher after having a second child. Between caring for a newborn, a four-year-old, and the demands of her job, she felt depleted.

She was giving so much to so many people—especially the kids at school— that she didn’t have time to think about herself. She lacked any sort of balance in her life when it came to her self-care. This imbalance made Jessie feel overwhelmed, anxious and generally unhappy.

Sound familiar?

After her first child, Jessie discovered Active Moms’ Club. “I didn’t have body confidence after my baby was born and felt overwhelmed as a new mom.” She found solace with AMC’s Postnatal Recovery class and met other moms who shared similar struggles. 

Jessie stayed active between pregnancies, and continued AMC workouts when she could fit them in, eventually making them part of her weekly routine.

“I felt like I was making an effort to be more active, and my nutrition was okay. I have always enjoyed fruits and vegetables and eaten a wide variety of foods, but I am an impulsive eater. I ate whatever I wanted without thinking about it. But after I stopped breastfeeding I gained a lot of weight, and I didn’t know how to deal with it.”

It wasn’t until she committed to AMC’s 90 Days of YOU! that she began to change her habits, and life for the better.


Jessie hit a turning point when she figured out that the process of becoming healthier is a continuum. “I realized that no one can be perfect everyday. I am not always going to make the best choices when it comes to fitness and nutrition. But that also doesn’t mean I have to default to the worst choices.” It’s not all-or-nothing, but more all-or-something.

“You can always pick something that is going to help you move forward or feel better,” she says. “Focusing on the continuum model that we use in 90 Days of YOU! —good, better, best—allowed me to find the balance that I needed. I’m not striving for perfection, but rather doing the best I can at any given time.”

Armed with this new mindset on fitness, nutrition and self-care, Jessie is back in control! Through 90 Days of YOU! she learned what healthy eating means. She relies on that knowledge to make better choices for herself and set an example for her family. Physically, she feels stronger than ever— even before she had kids. 

Most important— Jessie feels more comfortable and confident balancing the demands of her life. “For the first time as a mom, I am in control. I’m not always in control over my little people. I may not be in control of everything else that life throws at me. But now I can control the way that I react to food, and how that works in my life. It allows me to be a better mother.”

When we feel in control, we make better decisions. Control also keeps overwhelm at bay. 

Not only did Jessie learn skills on how to curb thoughtless eating, she trimmed over 3 inches from her waistline post-pregnancy. This change in her body shape was a direct result of making better food choices— on the good, better, best continuum– not a diet. She gained new time management skills, meal prep strategies, and had the steadfast support from other mamas inside of AMC’s tribe.

“I never anticipated that I would ever sign up for any type of nutrition program, and I was very hesitant about it. But AMC’s 90 Days of YOU! is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I am a happier, healthier version of myself. Even if you think you have a base knowledge of fitness and nutrition, this program will take your knowledge to the next level. And if you need a basic level of fitness and nutrition— this program is also for you.”

Embrace change and take a chance on yourself like Jessie did.

If you are feeling a lack of control, exhausted, or overwhelmed about getting in shape after having kids and you’d like to take simple-yet-powerful baby steps toward getting off the exhaustion roller coaster, getting in shape and losing weight—this is for you.

I know, from experience, that caring for your family AND yourself requires hard work and time management.

I also know, from experience, that you CAN do it…when you have the support, mindset, tools, and resolve to get it done— just like Jessie.

Enrollment for 90 Days of YOU! opens January 2020.

But why wait. Start your journey now and join AMC’s private VIP Facebook group. Inside this private forum you’ll be guided by your very own fitness and nutrition coach— that’s me, Coach Cassandra. Plus you’ll be a part of an exclusive network of like-minded, supportive, non-judgmental mamas, just like you. 

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