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Want To Be Fit? Learn How One Non-Exercising Mom Transformed Her Body

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A little over two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting another new group of first-time moms in Active Moms Club’s Postnatal Recovery Class. Esther was one of the women in class. I know her well now because she has been working out with AMC ever since. What I didn’t know until this week is how she really felt about exercise when she came to class in September 2013.

“I started with AMC over two years ago when I went to the Postnatal Recovery Class after having my first baby. As a really not sporty person I just thought that class sounded like a good idea just to recover from all the pregnancy-related weakness like pelvic floor muscles, and it’s only a 6-week class. Ha!


After this six weeks I felt over all so much stronger than I ever did before that I continued with the Fit & Fab classes. Since then I went through the whole “circle” – I switched during my second pregnancy to the Prenatal class and after the baby was born I did again the Postnatal Recovery Class. So I really know what I am talking about. I never thought the day would come, I LOVE working out! The small groups and the motivation of Coach Cassandra during the trainings are great.”

Esther shared her testimony with me this week. Wow, I was floored by her words. I was intrigued that she didn’t like to exercise prior to her time at Active Moms’ Club?! This is Esther today…


Esther shared with me that prior to getting pregnant with her first son, she was 25 pounds heavier, and she “occasionally took an exercise class”. That’s when her husband said he’d like to be healthier and lose weight so Esther started preparing healthier meals and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their diet.

After her Postnatal Recovery class in October 2013, she immediately jumped into Fit & Fab Small Group Training and joined our 90-Day Fitness Challenge. I remember how hard she worked during training sessions. She never complained (okay, maybe rolled her eyes once or twice) but for the most part, she completed every exercise that I asked with 110% effort and made it look easy. It didn’t surprise me that she was a top contender and finished the Challenge (March 2014) with remarkable strength gains and a more slender body – all the while breastfeeding.

Fitness Challenge results 2014

Fast forward to March 2016. Esther confessed to me this morning that she never really liked to exercise, but the first fitness challenge sparked a competitive side in her that she hadn’t realized before. “I just saw what the other women were doing in training and thought, hey I can do that too.” So she pushed herself. I asked what she likes most about AMC, “the workouts keep me coming back, it’s not fun.” She giggles. “Not fun?!” I ask. “Well, I wouldn’t do these types of workouts on my own, so I just do what you tell me to do. I love how I feel afterwards”.

Active Moms Club Workout Collage

The best part of training Esther – she always has a smile on her face. She is sweet, very friendly, consistent, determined, strong, a little bit competitive, and always willing to do what I ask of her  – handstands included! And if you’re wondering, she only does AMC workouts once or twice a week; she doesn’t belong to a gym. As a native of Switzerland she doesn’t drive either; she walks and takes public transportation, including a bus with two boys to make it to her beloved AMC workouts….every week, through two polar vortex winters.

How do you get fit? Discover something you love to do, and be consistent. Thank you Esther for your dedication and for leading your family by example to be healthy and active.

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